Interior Design Tips-Part 1 ?>

Interior Design Tips-Part 1

Furniture – the most important aspect of every interior design

Furniture is, without a doubt, the most crucial thing in the design of your home – well placed and chosen furniture defines who you are. The kitchen, the living room, the bedroom, the bathroom – all those places have to have a properly designed and hand-picked furniture to be functional and beautiful. Bedroom without a bed is just a room. Bathroom without a mirror and a cupboard under the sink is not fully usable.
When you let the guests inside, you have to welcome them in a hall of some kind. Then you lead them to the living room. First impression is the key and furniture is the main thing that will be visible and noticeable. In addition, most people judge and evaluate others by the things they possess.
The key element of the living room and the newest trend is a corner sofa. Both the house owners and guests will spend most time on it. First of all, it has to be large (but remember to match its size to the overall size of the living room). Comfort is another important aspect – if you sit on a sofa, you cannot feel any discomfort even after an hour or two. In some cases corner sofa can be also used as an additional bed if it is equipped with a sleeping option. In the latter case, such corner sofa should be also easy to fold and use as a bed.
Additional equipment that is necessary in a living room, aside from a corner sofa? A TV cabinet (or a whole wall unit for media storage). You should have a couple of cabinets for the media – speakers, media players or video game consoles. The rest of the living room can be decorated with flowers, figurines, and some additional tchotchkes.

How to equip your living room?

The living room is a place where most people relax and search for some peace. The most important role of a living room is providing comfort. That is why it should be well-lit and spacious. But what else should be in there?corner sofa
One of the most popular furniture pieces for a living oom (aside from a sofa or a corner sofa of course) are wall units. Usually it is a TV cabinet, two side cabinets and one hanging cabinet. The TV cabinet can be also used as a stand for media players or decorations, as many home owners decide to hang their TV on a wall. Side cabinets are usually filled with books, family photos and, if it is possible – they also have a place for TV speakers.
The coffee table people utilize in the living room is usually a simple, rectangular piece of wood with a couple of shelves. It is oftentimes an equipment added to a corner sofa – the most important furniture in any living room. In addition, an armchair or two surround the coffee table from another side to make the whole design complete.
Remember – your furniture says a lot about you, so if you make a great impression on your guests, think about your design. You can of course create an artistic chaos, but it demand skill and certain taste to look good. If you’re not experienced in an interior design, it is safe (and great!) idea to carefully plan out the hues and shapes you will utilize in your living room to ensure everything matches a chosen interior décor.

What sofa should you choose to your living room?

Sofa is one of the most important furniture pieces in any house and it is a perfect match for a good coffee table. It should not be surprising that the proper choice of a sofa and a coffee table is crucial for the interior design of your home. Living room is the main space of any house in which all family members and guests spend the most time watching TV, playing games and music and simply relaxing. The choice of a comfortable furniture is crucial and it should match the overall design. The model of a sofa is one thing, but you also have to think about its color, the type of upholstery, its general comfort. You should remember that this furniture piece should serve you for the next ten years or more, so you certainly should look for a trusted manufacturer.
The rest of characteristics of a sofa is up to you – the variety of colors and patterns on the market makes it possible to find something that will suit your style even if it’s very sophisticated. It is best to try to match the rest of the furniture with a sofa to create a coherent space. The upholstery selection is the matter of a personal preference – you can choose suede, leather or fabric. Just bear one thing in mind – each of the upholstery materials has its pros and cons – they have to be maintained in a certain way and some of them are not recommended for pet owners or for those having kids due to the vulnerability to stains and dirt.
Modular sofa is another good idea, especially for those who like to constantly refurb and redesign their living room, as it allows for a good amount of leeway – you can put each single module of a sofa in a different place and change your 3-seater to a corner sofa or something else you may require.
All in all, a well-chosen sofa will make the living room your favorite place in the house. Read more about different types of sofas here.

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