Interior Design Tips-Part 2 ?>

Interior Design Tips-Part 2

Corner sofa or a leisure sofa set?

Standard sofa is a good, but not the only choice for a well-designed living room. And the design is the most crucial thing for the most important space in your home. Well-chosen furniture in a matching color is the first thing, but you have so much more details to take care of. If you think that a simple sofa is the only safe option, think again.
Sitting in a living room can be as comfortable on a corner sofa or a whole sofa set. It all depends on the amount of space you have to deal with and your personal preference. If you wish to divide the open space between the living room and the dining room, corner sofa is the best “natural border” for it. If you seek for something lighter for an ascetic interior design, a sofa set may be a better idea. It is also preferable for smaller interiors, as a corner sofa can make some clutter in the room with its size. A corner sofa in turn can provide some more sleeping space for your guests. Such option is also available for most of the normal sofas, but they offer less space and comfort.
Both solutions have their pros and cons, so think carefully. And don’t be afraid to ask what would look better in your living room – friends, family and interior designers will certainly advise you on the final choice. Read more about types of sofas here.

A table and chair set – what should you choose?

table-629772Classic style is always in fashion. No matter if we talk about clothes or interior design, you can’t go wrong with a classic look. Thus, if you aim for something in this style, you can easily find everything you need. Let’s say you’re looking for a table with a set of chairs – the most basic design of all.
You should eat in comfort, thus it should be one of the most important factor during shopping for furniture. Of course aesthetic also play a big part, so you should make sure the chosen table and chairs match the design of your house. The table is an especially sensitive subject and it should match not only your style, but I also should fulfil all of your needs. Thus you should carefully think about your options – maybe a foldable table will be much better than a larger one? How many guest do you usually have in your house and, as such, how many chairs do you need?
The design of the furniture itself – its shape and color – are also very important. The style should match your personal preference and the overall décor of the interior. The most classic choice is of course wood, but there are countless other options – metal and plastic are also very popular. Just think what effect you would like to achieve in your interior and pick the furniture accordingly. Also remember not to overdo the design – if you choose a fancy, sophisticated table, make sure the rest of the furniture is much more classic – too much originality can break the whole design.

How to maintain the upholstery?

Almost every house has a couple of upholstered furniture pieces – a sofa, an armchair and the like. The upholstery demands care and attention to stay beautiful, so here are some tips you should remember if you want your furniture to last.
Maintaining the upholstery is just like taking care of your clothes – clean sofa tells a lot about you and it makes a good impression on your guests. Even certain furniture arrangement is crucial – putting a sofa in an overly sunlit spot can decolorize the upholstery or even damage it. Closeness to the kitchen also means a danger of staining the sofa with oil and damaging it with excessive heat.
Of course, each type of upholstery requires different maintenance. Leather is cleaned differently than fabric and removing stains from it demands other chemicals and skills. A good furniture manufacturer and supplier should inform you how to take care of your sofa properly and how to clean it effectively. Stains, dirt and dust cannot be avoided, so it’s better to know how to get rid of them. Fortunately, good cleaning chemicals are not hard to find and most stains can be removed using home-made solutions.

Advantages of upholstered furniture

Interior design is one of the most important aspects of building or refurbing your house. Upholstered furniture is still one of the first choices of those who look for comfort, convenience and style in their living room. The choice is incredible, from simple forms to unique designs. The latter are very popular nowadays, because many people seek a little bit of sophistication in their home and a well-designed sofa is probably the best furniture piece to start creating your own original arrangement.
Upholstered chairs are also very popular solution for modern kitchen – mix of seemingly odd materials makes the whole space more interesting. What is more, no matter what type of furniture you choose to utilize in your home, its upholstery will be surely available in a wide range of patterns and colors. And, what is also important – changing the upholstery is pretty easy and you don’t have to buy a new sofa to do it, so creating a new interior design is much, much easier to do. A huge variety of upholstery types gives you a chance to find a unique design that will match your preference.
It is certain that upholstered furniture will never go out of style, and it’s no wonder – it gives you so many possibilities you just have to utilize them in your interior design.

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